Try INK'd to care for your tattoos

Try INK'd to care for your tattoos

Tattoos are expressive. Tattoos are beautiful. Tattoos are rebellious. But most of all… tattoos can be a pain in the neck.

When you first get a tattoo, you will spend weeks or even months waiting for it to heal, painstakingly monitoring its progress. Ensuring it is kept clean and moisturised, staying out of both the pool and direct sunlight, and generally making sure that your brand new piece of body art stays intact.

However, once you make it through the gruelling healing process, you are free to show off your new tat to your heart’s content… right? Wrong!

To make sure that your ink doesn’t fade in later years, it is important to give it the same care that you would give any other part of your body. This is why at the Skin Academy, we have created a trio of products to aid and nourish fully healed tattoos. Here’s how we recommend using our Skin Academy INK’D range for best results.

INK’D Protecting Daily Moisturiser

We all know how important it is to protect our skin from harmful UVA-UVB rays, but how about giving our tattoos the same protection? Tattoos in particular tend to fade and discolour when exposed to sunlight, meaning that it is essential to protect them with SPF. INK’D Protecting Daily Moisturiser contains SPF 15 and Shea Butter to offer daily protection and gently moisturise and soothe tattooed skin.  The formulation is light enough to apply twice a day onto clean, dry skin.


INK’D Hydrating Serum

Sometimes, a little too much sun exposure can result in redness & faded tats. In these instances we recommend using the INK’D Hydrating Serum, which, due to its concentrated formula, is ideal for overnight use to soothe tattoos and provide ultimate hydration. The serum also promotes cell regeneration, helping to enhance the vibrancy and definition of tattoos.

INK’D Nourishing Body Oil

Fancy a lighter, more convenient treatment? The INK’D Nourishing Body Oil offers a more topical hydration compared to the serum and can be used on larger areas of the body, making it ideal for large pieces of body art. An elixir of extracts; Sunflower Seed Oil, Sacha Inchi Oil, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E, collectively help nourish the skin and retain moisture.



So there you have it, an insider guide on how to care for your healed tattoos using Skin Academy INK’D products. Now… what tattoo to get next?