Preparing for your new tattoo

Preparing for your new tattoo

Getting a tattoo can be filled with a mixture of emotions. It can be scary, daunting and exiting all in one. At the end of the day it’s going to be on your body for the rest of your life, so making the right choice is important!

Before wrapping up, take some time to carefully consider your decision. See below for our Top Tips that could help you avoid having to remove your tattoo later down the line.

Be prepared to wait.

If you have your heart set on a well-known shop or famous Insta artist there is usually a very long waiting list, varying from around 6 months to a year! If you’re happy with this, then wait. It could even test how much you want a tattoo when you are forced to wait a while and think about it.




If you’re desperate for a new piece of ink then walk-in parlours cure that spur of the moment tattoo feeling OR find a low-key, yet still reputable, tattoo artist who is just as talented… it saves a lot of time and money.

Visit before you wrap.

Checking out the parlour before you get your tattoo is never a bad idea as it allows you to see the cleanliness of the studio; the standard of the artwork on the wall and if there are good vibes from the staff.

It’s also a good idea to enquire about pricing and make sure that you ask any other questions you are unsure about before booking – most places require a deposit and you do not want to lose your money if there are things that you don’t like or are unsure of on the day!




If there is no sign of gloves and there are single-use needles, get out of there, quick time.

Tattoos can be surprisingly expensive!

A good tattoo artist isn’t cheap, which is good! Because those who are cheap (usually) aren’t the best.

Prices are dependent upon the size, area and the colour of ink of your tat, ranging anywhere from £40 for a small tattoo, with larger ones taking up a large lump of your savings. So be prepared to pay the cost and ALWAYS check before booking so there aren’t any surprises on the day.

Collaborate with your artist.

Although you may have it set in stone as to what specific design, size and placement you want, not all three aspects will always fit well together. Listen to your artist, they know best! As some tattoos may be a little too detailed to be as small and dainty as you’d like them to be.




DO NOT be afraid to speak your mind! Make it clear about aspects of the tattoo that you are not willing to change… if you don’t speak up, you may end up with something that you did not want and something that’s there forever.

Don’t be a walking typo!

It sounds so obvious but many people don’t proofread their tattoo before its inked. You and your artist will probably make a few edits before the end result, so spell check any words after each round of edits – especially if it’s in a different language to your own, spelling mistakes are easily done.

Finally… brace yourself, because getting a tattoo will hurt.

How badly do tattoos hurt? Will I cry? With such a fuss being made around needing a high pain threshold to get a tattoo, hey, we completely get it! Our answer is, depending on the size and placement of your tattoo, some will hurt a lot less or more so than others.

However, your adrenaline should start kicking in and help to manage ‘some’ of the pain.


That’s it! Six simple yet helpful tips for you to know before getting your tattoo.