Daily Tattoo Care is the key

Daily Tattoo Care is the key

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Note: this information is only viable to those who have a fully healed tattoo

Although you may think it does… looking after your tattoo does not end once your tattoo is healed. If you want your tattoo to stay as good as new whilst you cry at the thought of how much you paid for it (as we all know getting inked can be super expensive), then keep reading to see what our long-term tattoo secrets are.


  1. Protect Your Tat from Harmful Rays

One of the most common reasons for tattoos fading and discolouring is due to sunlight exposure. Whilst enjoying the blissful sun, you must remember about your body art! Look for products containing SPF and make sure to apply frequently to protect your tattoos from the sun’s harmful rays and prevent discolouration.



UVA lighting turns black tattoos blue


  1. Keep it Moisturised

Many people think that after a few days they are able to stop moisturising their tattoo, but daily application is essential for keeping skin hydrated and helps to reduce signs of ageing. This, in turn, will help to prevent any colour fading – the key to a fresh and vibrant tat!

Check out our Protecting Daily Moisturiser which also contains SPF 15… win win!


  1. Water, Water, Water!

Adding lots of water to your daily routine will help to keep your skin looking healthy which is vital since this is where your tattoo is placed. Drinking plenty of water means that your body art will stay looking smooth and hydrated.

  1. Don’t let your tattoo dry out

Ensure you deeply moisturise your tattoos with the SPF15 moisturiser, using the oil during the evening or for a more deep conditioning to enhance the vibrancy of tattoos.

Although it is inevitable that your tattoo(s) will naturally fade over time, you will be able to keep them looking vibrant for longer by simply dedicating a few minutes each day to add to maintaining them.