No less than 40% of people worldwide in the age category 18-35 years have a tattoo! The number of tattoo shops has almost tripled in the last 10 years! After completing a tattoo, Vaseline or Bepanthen is often used and advised, but there are hardly any products available in terms of aftercare, while it is actually important to continue to take care of your tattoo (s)! Hydration is the key with a tattoo! The longer the skin stays good, the longer your tattoo stays beautiful! Especially for this Skinacademy has developed the 100% paraben-free INK’D Tattoo Care line.

Skin academy INK'D Tattoo Care. The paraben-free, intensively protective and caring line for a long-term color retention of tattoos

Anyone who has had a tattoo wanted to naturally keep it as long as possible in terms of color intensity. Factors such as sunlight, bathing and showering, but also natural cell renewal and aging of the skin all have an influence on the color, quality and durability of tattoos. Specialized care is therefore essential. With the INK’D Tattoo Care line, Skinacademy offers three targeted products that ensure that tattoos stay beautiful as long as possible.

Serum, moisturizer with SPF 15 and body oil.

No matter how big or small your tattoo is, the Skinacademy Tattoo Care line keeps it just as beautiful and colorful as on the first day you received it. The three unique formulas, namely a hydrating serum , SPF 15 moisturizer and an intensively nourishing body oil, contain active ingredients that nourish, hydrate and condition the skin and help prevent the colors of tattoos from fading. The products are suitable for both women and men.

With natural coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E

The composition of the Skinacademy Tattoo Care line contains as main ingredients natural coconut oil (except the INK’D Hydrating Serum), shea butter and vitamin E. Coconut oil has an intensive nourishing and conditioning effect and naturally has antibacterial properties. Shea butter hydrates the skin to the depth, keeps the skin supple and soothes irritations. Vitamin E protects the skin against harmful external influences and prevents premature skin aging.

The Skinacademy INK’D line consists of the following three products:

Skin academy INK’D Hydrating Serum

The paraben-free Hydrating serum of the Skinacademy Tattoo Care line contains Sacha Inchi oil. This natural oil comes from the seeds of the South American Sacha Inchi shrub, has the highest content of omega-3 fatty acids of all plant oils. This special oil is therefore ideal for the care and color retention of tattoos. In addition to shea butter and vitamin E, the formula also contains nourishing and caring ingredients such as glycerin, lecithin, bisabolol, vitamin C and seaweed extract. The serum nourishes, nourishes and protects the skin with tattoos and keeps the tattoos intense for a long time in terms of color.

Skin academy INK’D Protecting Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

Skinacademy INK’D Protecting Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 offers daily protection against UVA and UVB radiation thanks to a sun factor 15. This rich paraben-free cream contains intensive care ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, Vitamin E, Sacha Inchi oil, panthenol, bisabolol and allantoin. The combination of Tulsi extract (Holy basil), green algae and milk thistle extract conditions and protects the skin with tattoos and intensifies its color.

Skin academy INK’D Nourishing body oil

The paraben-free nourishing body oil from Skinacademy INK’D provides a daily rich hydration and nutrition for the tattoos. This intensive care and protective body oil especially for the skin with tattoos contains a rich mix of natural oils of sunflower, coconut and Sacha Inchi in combination with the vitamins C & E. The added flower extract of the champagne leaf plant (Spilanthes Acmella Flower) reinforces the natural collagen network in the skin and in this way helps to ensure that the skin with tattoos remains beautiful and youthful for a long time

My experience with these products

First of all, the packages look super nice + they are all 3 in a handy package: The body oil and the serum are in a spray bottle and the protecting daily moisturizer in a tube. Very nice since it is much more hygienic than in a pot and you can work dosed!

All 3 products of Skinacademy also smell nice! I think this is definitely a plus! I have taken great care of my tattoo in recent weeks with these 3 new products and the color has become much more intense, my skin under and around the tattoo is soft and hydrated. The oil is super nice after showering and I use the hydrating serum 2-3 times a week to hydrate my tattoo. I use the protecting daily moisturizer every day! I think it is very nice products and can recommend these products to anyone with tattoos!

Selling prices:

– Skin academy INK’D Hydrating Serum – € 9.99 for 50 ml

– Skinacademy INK’D Protecting Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 € 9.99 for 100ml

– Skinacademy INK’D Nourishing Body Oil € 9.99 for 75 ml

These products are exclusively available at Etos!

* This article contains products that I have received for review.