Fortunately, the quality of tattoos is much better nowadays, but it is extremely important to properly protect your tattoos. Especially when they have just been set and you, for example, go into the sun. Skin Academy now has a new line for this: Ink’d Tattoo Care. With each product that protects and retains your tattoo.

Once, a long, long time ago, I shouted at my first tattoo: “No! This is it!” Ha ha, best joke ever, because more have been added 😉. I added my last tattoo last winter, so it is still quite new and has not seen any sun. Protect well! This keeps the color the most beautiful and the deepest.

Of course, not only does the sun affect the color of a tattoo, but also a simple shower, a bath or just cell renewal of your skin can fade your tattoo.

The products from the Skin Academy Ink’d Tattoo care line consist of a serum, body oil and a daily moisturizer. All of which cost €9.99 and can be purchased at Etos .

Skin Academy Serum


You use the serum twice a day and you must continue to massage in until the serum is completely absorbed. He cares for and nourishes the skin. It also smells really nice 😉

Skin Academy Inkd Oil

Body Oil

This oil helps hydrate and nourish the skin. The collagen is also strengthened, leaving the skin soft and young. Also with this oil it is best to lubricate it twice a day.

I found both smearing 2x a day too much of a good thing, so I mainly looked at what my skin needed. Very dry? Then the oil. Just a normal day? Then the serum.

Skin Academy Moisturiser

Daily Moisturizer

This daily cream has an SPF of 15, this is also very important for maintaining your tattoo. Damaging your skin more with, for example, burning is not so smart 😉. By the way, I always use a higher SPF, but on the other hand, this cream was nicer for my tattoo than a sunscreen. So it is a matter of weighing how much sun you get and how quickly you are susceptible to burning.

Definitely recommended for ladies and gentlemen with tattoos! The prices are not very high, so certainly not save on the aftercare of your artwork.