With around a fifth of the UK population said to sport a tattoo, Skin Academy has tapped into the market for specialist skin care and tattoo aftercare products with the launch of INK’D.

INK’D protects tattoos by providing essential natural vitamins to the skin to keep body art looking vibrant and fresh. Key ingredients include skin nourishing Coconut oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. An SPF15 is also included to protect tattoos against sun exposure which can fade the pigments. Products in the INK’D range include Body Moisturiser, Body Oil, and Serum.

Commenting on the development of the INK’D brand, Antony Wagman, CEO of Skin Academy, says:

“We conducted extensive research into the tattoo industry which revealed more and more people are spending money on experiences and personal grooming with tattoo parlour numbers nearly tripling in a decade. “Tattoos have now become mainstream and so it naturally felt right to extend our range and move into this market. We wanted to develop a skincare range specifically targeting tattoos that is high quality but at an affordable price; one that refreshes, revitalises and protects the skin whilst making tattoos more vibrant and INK’D does just that.”

INK’D products are available online.